While we dabble in all areas of music, we love writing music from us – for you.  You know, the stuff that comes from the depths.  We have revamped traditional lullabies, inspired by our own littles.  We’ve gotten wild with the folk jams – lyrically thoughtful but melodically lively…and of course we’ve written our fair share of broken hearted, falling in love, hit the dust -type singer/songwriter anthems.

Here we’ll link you up to our favorite homemade projects.  If you want the archives, you’re going to have to search for them on your own!

1. ESTEP: Good Medicine


2. Stasia Estep: Little Hums


3. Stasia Estep: Stasia Estep Album feat. Jon Estep

4.  Stasia Estep: Christmas in the Rainbow State


5. Chord Sheets for Good Medicine
(note: You are My Friend is unavailable, also beware of potential mistakes, these are unedited and ancient manuscripts by now.  Possibly botched.  If it sounds wrong, try another chord in said key).



4 thoughts on “ESTEP Music

  1. Is there a possibility that you could release written chords for your music as it is impossible to find them anywhere on the internet. Your music is wonderful, and I would love to play some of it in church.


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